Whitbeck Labs is a full service, private, commercial laboratory specializing in service to the poultry industry. Our core testing consists of microbiology, chemistry and serology testing. This unique combination of lab services allows us to offer the complete testing you need, under one roof, with unprecedented turn-around times.
  • NPIP Testing

    NPIP Testing

    The nations largest independent lab with complete certification for all your poultry testing needs.

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  • Environmental Testing

    Environmental Testing

    Whether it's in the plant or the chicken house, we can handle it. E. coli, Salmonella, and more.

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  • Finished Product

    Finished Product

    Shelf life studies, nutritional labeling, and more, we can handle all your finished product testing needs.

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  • Feed Testing

    Feed Testing

    Moisture, protein, fat, ash, and all the proximate analyses you need. All in one location.

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  • Animal Health

    Animal Health

    Serving veterinarians. Whether you're in a clinic, or on the farm, we can help in your testing needs.

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  • Supplies


    Need supplies for collecting samples? We carry drag swabs, boot swabs, shell vials, leg bands, wing bands, and much more.

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